When tooth loss can’t be avoided, we provide gentle extractions and prompt, modern options for replacement 

At Sky Dental, we partner with patients in Littleton and the surrounding area to preserve their teeth. Often, tooth extractions can be avoided due to our boutique-style, relationship-based approach to oral care, because we believe that no other tooth is superior to a natural one in both form and function. There are some situations however, when the removal of teeth is the only way to resolve pain and restore oral health and overall well-being. These circumstances include: 

  • Damage cannot be resolved with oral care or other professional interventions
  • A tooth is not a good candidate for root canal therapy or other endodontic procedures
  • A tooth has failed following root canal therapy, root canal retreatment, or surgical endodontic procedures to treat the inside of a tooth 
  • Fillings and other restorative treatments, such as crowns, would leave the tooth vulnerable to further or future damage
  • To support orthodontic treatment 
  • A wisdom tooth gets trapped or impacted in the jaw 

In most cases, it is essential to replace the tooth as soon as possible. Our dentists, Drs Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean will discuss all of your options for tooth replacement. By replacing teeth sooner rather than later with bridges, dentures, or implants, our team prevents the many complications associated with tooth loss. These complications include damage to existing teeth and “bite,” as the neighboring teeth tend to shift toward the empty space where a tooth used to be, as well as bone loss. 

We will discuss everything to expect before, during, and after the procedure with you well in advance of your appointment. We also accommodate emergency or urgent requests.

Do not hang on to aching, broken, or otherwise unsightly teeth. Depending on your situation, removing a tooth and replacing it with a brilliant and healthy restoration may be just what you need to feel, look, and “be” better and healthier. Call (303) 979-9488 with questions or to request your visit at Sky Dental in Littleton.