Botox® at the dentist’s office, how it complements a beautiful smile and relieves TMJ pain

Boutique dentistry and Botox®?! While it may seem like a curious combination at first, Botox® at Sky Dental actually makes a lot of sense. After all, who better to trust with the safety, health, and appearance of your face than the experts in oral and maxillofacial anatomy and function: Drs. Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean. Our dentists have the considerable, focused expertise to get noticeable results from this injectable cosmetic treatment without the risk. 

Our patients in Littleton never have to worry about too much Botox® being injected into the wrong points or muscles of the face. In turn, patients simply look refreshed, free of the worry lines or frown lines that betray their age or that don’t align with how they actually feel inside. What they do not see in the mirror is a face that looks “overdone” or “frozen.” 

At Sky Dental, we take great care to ensure that the right amounts of Botox® are precisely applied to just the right places. You can still make an expression in the most natural fashion because our approach to treatment is so targeted. There are many muscles that contribute to your squinting, frowning, or otherwise expressing yourself without saying a word. Only those few muscles responsible for the specific expression contributing to your static wrinkles or lines are treated. Those treated muscles relax. That way, they can no longer contribute to static crow’s feet around the eyes or frown lines on the forehead. Other muscles are not affected. So, your face can still move naturally! 

Supporting aesthetics, healthy function

Drs.. Cristiana and Flaviu believe Botox® can greatly complement the myriad cosmetic dentistry procedures available at our office. With wrinkles softened, others can focus on your healthy, stunning, or renewed smile! Botox® really allows an attractive smile and your best facial features to shine. 

Dental professionals like Drs.. Oltean may also discuss Botox® as a conservative, fast, and painless way to effectively alleviate the pain, chronic headaches, and other symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJDs). The principles behind Botox® as an anti-wrinkle treatment and a therapeutic option for TMJDs are largely similar; we inject Botox® into precise points of the face with thin needles. As a “neuromodulator,” Botox® blocks the process responsible for muscle tension. Relaxed muscles support a smooth face and relieve the pain and stiffness associated with disordered jaw joints and interconnected tissues. Injections can be completed fast, over the lunch hour, and require no downtime. Side effects are minimal and fleeting, typically limited to injection site redness, tenderness, and swelling.

Now, the results from Botox® are temporary. We will need to discuss maintenance treatments with you. Schedule your consultation at Sky Dental in Littleton. Call (303) 979-9488, or, for your convenience, you may request an appointment online.