Curated care for a healthy, happy smile.

We may offer all the dental services you need at Sky Dental, but there’s nothing “general” about the level of care we provide. We assess and treat your current and future dental needs with personalized attention and compassion: You are #1 in the process, you are part of the discussion, and your comfort is always our priority.

We are your local Colorado dentist for 360 dental services to maintain a lifetime of excellent oral health.

Preventative Dentistry

Everyone has 32 teeth, but your teeth, gums and bone structure are wholly unique. Our first step is to assess your teeth and get to know you and your goals in dental care. We perform a complete oral exam of your teeth and gums, creating a customized plan for specific treatment needs, then conduct a thorough cleaning that will make your teeth feel brand new. Need a few tips on maximizing your home cleaning routine? Just ask our hygienist!

• Digital X-Rays
• Oral Cancer Exam
• Panoramic X-rays
• Dental Exams & Cleanings
• Fluoride Treatment
• Home Care


Periodontal Dentistry

Your gums and the supporting structures of your teeth are vital to your long-term dental health. We diagnose and treat all periodontal issues with gentle expertise. Do you have swollen bleeding or receding gums? Let our pain-free technique put you back on track to optimum oral health.

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Don’t let broken or missing teeth steal the joy from your smile! Gaps are a health issue as well. Missing teeth can alter your bite, putting excess stress on surrounding teeth. The good news is that Dr. Cristiana is an expert in high-quality porcelain crowns and bridges. Let us bring back the brilliance of your smile with a custom restoration plan that works for you and your budget!

White Fillings

Technology’s come a long way since the days of mercury amalgam fillings. Sky dental provides the very latest white/tooth colored filling materials – and what a beautiful difference it makes to your health and your smile. Many people have concerns about the toxicity of old mercury fillings. Did you know that the process to replace them is simple? The result is a much more youthful (and healthier) smile!

Root Canal Therapy

At Sky Dental, we have years of experience applying the latest techniques in root therapy, so you can relax in familiar surroundings in the caring hands of the team you trust. Our team will assess whether the pulp of your tooth is infected, then clean it, fill and seal it to protect it from further disease.

Tooth Extractions

Is your tooth broken or infected to the point where it can’t be recovered? Relax. Extracting a tooth is a simple procedure, and we’ll discuss your tooth replacement options so you can decide what’s best for you.

Occlusal Night Guards

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can not only leave you with an aching jaw in the morning, but it can also wear down and damage your teeth over time. Occlusal Guards are removable devices that fit over the teeth and act as shock absorbers. Protecting your teeth is not only about comfort. It can help you avoid costly future dental repairs caused by constant wear.

Dentures and Partials

We want to do more than replace your missing teeth. We want to boost your self-esteem and bring the joy back to your favorite foods! If you’re missing teeth, you might hide your smile and avoid eating foods that hard to chew. Let’s talk about how Sky Dental’s restoration experts can replace one more missing teeth with fixed or removable partial dentures, or full dentures. We have the answer for secure, comfortable dentures and partials that look natural and turn on the power of your smile!