OralDNA testing is a powerful tool to promote proactive care and highly personalized and effective therapies

As a boutique dental practice, Sky Dental uses both a relationship-based approach to care and cutting-edge tools to assess patients’ risk factors for damaging oral conditions, such as gum (or “periodontal”) disease. These assessments provide the foundation for our dentists in Littleton, Drs. Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean, to make personalized recommendations that really prevent, resolve, and halt the progress of conditions like gum disease. 

OralDNA testing, for instance, represents a sophisticated diagnostic tool that supports highly personalized therapies and proactive care of conditions like gum disease (periodontitis). As noted, these tools work in tandem with the relationships that we have built on a foundation of routine dental check-ups. During these check-ups, we may notice familial patterns and identify risk factors, such as a genetic propensity for gum-related problems and other systemic diseases correlated with gum disease. 

An introduction to oral bacteria testing

This fast, non-invasive, and straightforward saliva test is designed to isolate the specific types of bacteria in the mouth and the number of bacteria present. Problems arise when certain harmful bacteria are found, and when the “oral microbiome” is out of balance. Oral microbiome refers to the bacterial strains or colonies of bacteria that are present in the mouth. You do not want to have too many of the “bad” bacteria and too few of the “good.” 

By using OralDNA labs saliva testing, dental professionals like Drs. Oltean can accurately assess the harmful bacterial balance of the mouth and personalize recommendations based on these findings. They get an overview of the state and condition of your mouth through the lens of bacteria frequently implicated in gum disease and other oral disorders such as cavities. 

These culprits include: 

  • Anaerobic gram-negative rods and spirochetes are associated with the periodontal pockets or spaces that form between the teeth and gums as periodontal disease progresses without treatment
  • P. gingivalis and other pathogens linked to the onset, and progression of adult periodontitis Aggregatibacteractinomycetemcomitans, implicated in the development of a particularly aggressive form of adult gum disease
  • Bacterial species such as Streptococcus mutans are associated with 80%-plus of all cavities

With vital information in hand early into the disease process or even before its onset, we know how to attack the specific bacterial species that present risks to your oral health. After all, the therapies that are effective at eradicating one type of bacteria may not work for another. When we can proactively, quickly, and effectively address threats to your oral health with personalized diagnostics and medicine, we can also support optimal systemic health and well-being. Some of the species mentioned above have been linked to serious systemic conditions, ranging from cardiovascular disease to poor diabetes control. We look forward to protecting your health with our unique blend of relational care and leading-edge testing. Call Sky Dental at (303) 979-9488 or request an appointment at our office in Littleton from this website.