Professional services protect the smile and prevent the need for dental treatment

Boutique dentistry. What does this mean? For us at Sky Dental, it means unparalleled expertise and close, trusted relationships between our team and our “extended family” of patients in and around the Littleton area. Relationships are partly built on regular visits to our office for professional cleanings by our skilled dental hygienists and exams by our experienced and talented dentists, Drs Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean. 

Preventative dentistry 

Tooth decay and gum or periodontal disease are the leading causes of tooth loss. However, these and other oral conditions can be prevented with routine dental check-ups. Generally, these check-ups are scheduled once every six months or twice yearly. If you are at increased risk of developing decay, disease, or oral cancer, Drs Cristiana or Flaviu may recommend more frequent cleanings and other preventative treatments along with your cleanings. That way, they can catch problems you may be susceptible to quickly before they wreak havoc on the appearance and function of your smile, as well as your systemic health and well-being. 

Risk factors for oral conditions include:

  • Smoking and use of tobacco products
  • Excessive alcohol consumption 
  • Habits or behaviors such as teeth grinding (“bruxism”) or clenching
  • Poor nutrition 
  • Inconsistent oral hygiene or challenges to good home care
  • Personal or familial history of conditions like periodontal disease, certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes 

What to expect

Generally, patients should expect first to undergo a professional cleaning during each check-up. Prior to beginning  your cleaning, the hygienist can use a disclosing agent to visualize the areas where bacteria is accumulating. This guides our hygienists in ways to help you optimize your oral hygiene routine and tailor any recommendations to your needs; for instance, floss threaders and picks are an easy-to-use way to clean underneath dental bridges. 

After assessing your oral hygiene, our hygienists will then remove surface stains and bacterial biofilms with our gentle and refreshing AIR-FLOW® Therapy, leaving only the remaining stubborn plaque or tartar from the teeth and the gum line. Our dental cleaning process will leave you feeling fresh, and your teeth look great! 

During your checkup, we will examine the condition of your teeth, and related oral and maxillofacial tissues and structures, and screen for gum disease; focusing on any signs of early-stage enamel erosion, gingival inflammation, or precancerous or suspicious lesions. What cannot be detected with the naked eye alone can be pinpointed with the use of advanced diagnostics such as digital and panoramic x-rays. These visits also present a great time to discuss or apply professional preventive products, such as fluoride supplements or dental sealants. 

At  Sky Dental, we also offer salivary testing through OralDNA labs to gain further insight into your personal preventative care plan. We can use saliva tests to look  at periodontal pathogens linked to many systemic diseases, existing high-risk strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) linked with oral cancers, and many other saliva tests.Why “treat” when you can “prevent” and “protect”? Call Sky Dental at (303) 979-9488 or conveniently request an appointment at our office in Littleton from this website.