Sink your teeth into myriad benefits of dental implants – to replace one tooth or to support a full denture

At Sky Dental, we can replace a single tooth, a few teeth, several teeth, or a mouthful of missing teeth with dental implants. Formerly, individuals in Littleton and beyond were limited in their choices for tooth replacement. They could opt for dental bridges, “partials,” or complete dentures. 

These traditional forms of tooth replacement have their challenges. They are not as conservative or tissue-preserving as modern options like bridges or dentures supported by dental implants. Additionally, due to the design of conventional bridges and dentures, there can be considerable upkeep to maintain the health of these new teeth and any neighboring natural teeth. Risks of developing dental disease due to challenges with keeping bridges clean can threaten the health of the replacement tooth and its adjacent anchor teeth. 

Traditional partial and complete dentures, too, require ongoing assessments and repairs, relining, rebasing, and other adjustments as needed. These systems do not support bone strength and density. Implants are designed to be like natural teeth, whereas dentures must be refitted to conform to your new facial contours. The effects of bone resorption worsen over time, and dentures may become loose, slip around, and cause sores and discomfort. Patients’ satisfaction with their replacement teeth also deteriorates, as they cannot chew food easily or speak clearly with ill-fitting dentures. 

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Implants to the rescue 

Our dentists, Drs. Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean may be able to “retrofit” existing dentures with implants. Or, they may discuss implants from the get-go – even before teeth are extracted. It is vital to be proactive about replacing teeth. The process of bone loss starts quickly after teeth fall out or are removed. The effects of bone resorption are often dramatic and can even alter or prematurely “age” your face as the overlying skin and muscles lose their structural support. 

Since implants are designed to function like natural tooth roots, the stimulation from behaviors such as chewing food is transferred from the teeth to the implant in the jaw and the surrounding bony tissue. This natural design further supports crowns, bridges, or dentures that are indistinguishable in appearance, feel, and function from natural, healthy teeth. 

Unlike conventional dental bridges, dental implant-retained teeth do not require removing or reducing existing healthy teeth. They help to promote the health of all teeth by restoring a balanced bite and proper function for a lifetime. And, yes, with the usual good oral hygiene and dental check-ups, your implant-supported teeth can last as long as you do! They do not require special cleaning techniques or products to keep damage at bay.

Make an excellent investment in your smile and overall well-being. As few as four implants may be all it takes to retain all the teeth in the upper or lower arch or jaw. Furthermore, our team at Sky Dental Colorado guarantees its dental work. We are also happy to discuss payment options to remove barriers to achieving your complete dream smile. Call (303) 979-9488 or visit the “appointments” tab to schedule your consultation at our Littleton office.