We celebrate the natural beauty and health of your smile with conservative, cosmetic white fillings

As a boutique dental practice in Littleton, Sky Dental prioritizes our patients’ comfort and satisfaction right alongside training in the latest techniques and investments in the latest technologies. Our approach to repairing cavities and other forms of decay, in turn, is conservative and preserves maximum tooth structure. Conventional procedures or dental restorations are generally associated with the most gentle and comfortable treatment experience possible, as well as precision treatment that supports a lifetime of health and optimal function. 

White fillings are a perfect example of conservative restorations that feel and function like natural, healthy teeth and are placed in an exacting and gentle manner. Additionally, the fillings that our dentists, Drs. Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean, place are biocompatible and do not cause inflammation or damage to surrounding hard and soft tissues. They are made from non-toxic materials such as composite resin, which can be precisely color-matched to the surrounding tooth structure and neighboring teeth. 

We genuinely believe that all patients deserve to have repaired teeth or fillings that look like the “real deal” and also do not pose further threats to the health of the mouth. Our exactingly-prepared and secured white-colored composite fillings present alternatives to “conventional” dental materials, such as silver-colored amalgam fillings made from a combination of metals and substances. Due to the biocompatibility of dental composites, these tooth-colored fillings are a safe and appropriate alternative for patients with concerns over or a history of metals sensitivities. 

Happy lady after tooth filling

A straightforward, predictable process

As with all procedures at Sky Dental, the process starts with an exam at our office in Littleton. Either Drs. Cristiana or Flaviu will assess the state and condition of your teeth. If tooth decay or other trauma cannot be resolved with oral care products, hygiene modifications, or professional preventive services, your dentist may recommend a white filling. For bigger cavities or more extensive damage, our doctors may discuss alternative restorative care such as partial crowns (onlays), or full crowns. Yes, our approach to restorative dentistry is safe, painless, precise, and replicates the form and function of natural teeth. Plus, we guarantee our dental work! However, our approach is also built on a foundation of, “Why treat a condition when you can prevent it?” If it’s been a while since your last dental appointment, or if you have noticed changes in how your teeth and gums look or feel, schedule a check-up right away. Call (303) 979-9488 or reach out to us conveniently from this website. We can help you to avoid the decay and trauma that leads to pain and other undesirable symptoms and the need for a tooth to be altered and rebuilt with a dental restoration.