We can save badly damaged teeth with a light-touch and high-tech approach to root canal treatment 

As a boutique dental practice at Sky Dental, we forge and sustain close relationships between individuals and their families in Littleton and beyond. We also appreciate the value of investing in the latest, cutting-edge techniques and technologies to support a healthy, lasting relationship between our dental team and our loyal patients. 

Root canal illustration

After all, investments in the likes of laser-assisted dentistry and digital diagnostics allow us to perform services and treatments in the safest, most precise, risk-free, non-invasive, tooth-preserving, and painless way possible. Notably, root canal therapy in the talented hands of Drs. Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean is not a source of fear or anxiety due to our employing the latest research and sophisticated tools that render predictable and successful outcomes. Moreover, this treatment is generally preferred over a tooth’s removal (or “extraction”). 

Root canal treatment may be on the horizon

All aspects of root canal treatment are administered after the tooth is numbed. We can also discuss relaxing medications to ensure utmost comfort if you are nervous about treatment. We also use light-touch and high-tech tools to perform root canal therapy. Despite its reputation, there should be no pain associated with having a root canal treatment completed. After root canal treatment, we restore the tooth’s strength and appearance with a full coverage lovely ceramic crown. Modern root canal treatment is safe, effective, efficient, and painless. In fact, it provides immediate pain relief from the symptoms caused by conditions such as oral infections or abscesses. We are happy to fill in any blanks you may have about root canal therapy and other restorative treatments available at Sky Dental in Littleton. We welcome your call at (303) 979-9488 or reach out to our friendly team from this website.