Benefit from our surgical capabilities – there’s no need to go anywhere else to protect and restore your smile!

Truly, the sky’s the limit at Sky Dental ! Our dentists, Drs Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean have invested in the training and technologies to offer many sophisticated procedures in-house. We can successfully resolve many complex patient cases. The individuals and families we partner with from throughout the Littleton area appreciate this; they get to remain with the team they know and trust, even as they age and their needs for care change. 

Notably, we shine with our range of oral surgery capabilities that are not available at many other dentist’s offices in our slice of the Denver area and beyond. Generally, when our team refers to this category of treatments, we are talking about any surgical procedure performed on the teeth, gums, surrounding oral (mouth), and facial structures. At our office, these procedures may include: 

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  • Surgical tooth extraction – Many teeth can be removed using “simple” extraction. However, we may need to use a surgical approach to remove those teeth that are badly broken and not fully intact. This approach is also appropriate for those teeth that are not visible, nor easily accessible, in the mouth. For instance, impacted wisdom teeth may be good candidates for surgical extractions. 
  • Bone grafting – Any time bone in the jaw and around your teeth has deteriorated or dissolved, it is essential for us to build up or regenerate that bony tissue. Bone loss frequently occurs among those patients who fail to replace their teeth. The supporting bone does not get the stimulation it needs from functional teeth. So, the bone shrinks. We must build up that bone in preparation for the placement of dental implants in the jaw. Strong bone serves as a good foundation for the implant. Without healthy bony tissue, the implant will not heal properly and cannot stabilize the overlying prosthetic teeth that are later attached to it. 
  • Implants placement – Other dentists may be able to restore implants, which is the final stage of the implant process and involves the placement of a dental crown or other forms of tooth replacement. However, Drs Cristiana and Flaviu are equipped to safely, comfortably, and predictably place the implant itself! They precisely and strategically position the implants in the jaw as part of a straightforward surgical procedure. After the implant has healed and fully integrated into the surrounding bone, they can then attach it to the restorative crown, bridge, or denture.  

Now that you have a glimpse into some of what we offer at Sky Dental, we want to get to know you and your family! We encourage you to call us at (303) 979-9488 with your questions or to request an appointment at our Littleton office.