Our skill and artistry with dental bonding and direct veneers ensure a natural result with lasting healthy function

As a boutique dental practice at Sky Dental in Littleton, we are 110% dedicated to exceptional treatment outcomes and the most comfortable, safe, pleasant, and hassle-free experience along the way. To achieve this mission, our dentists, Drs. Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean, apply their considerable expertise forged in art and design to provide beautiful and natural looking cosmetic treatments. 

Direct veneers and bondings treatment involves securing a composite resin to the front surfaces of teeth that are visible when you smile. Due to the nature of direct veneers and dental bondings, these procedures demand a highly skilled hand and technical eye. The materials selected are expertly shaped and color-matched by Drs. Oltean to perfectly blend in with the surrounding teeth.

In less skilled hands, composite direct veneers or bonding can appear fake or plastic-looking. The dental material can jut out too much or overwhelm the size of the mouth and other facial features. Furthermore, bonding/direct veneers are vulnerable to damage when not properly designed and applied. Fortunately, our combination of artistry, expertise, and gentle cleaning techniques at your checkups will support the longevity of your direct veneers and bondings. 

More on what to expect

First, Drs. Oltean ensure that their patients are suitable candidates for treatment. These procedures are appropriate to cover up cosmetic imperfections, not limited to gaps between teeth, and stubborn discoloration, chips and small fractures, and worn or poorly-shaped teeth. The composite resin is then directly applied to the tooth as a pliable material that is then expertly shaped and layered by Drs. Cristiana or Flaviu. Once the cosmetic concern is properly disguised behind the resin, the material is bonded or hardened and secured to the tooth. 

Dental bonding may be a fast, conservative, gentle, and affordable alternative to porcelain veneers to replicate the natural appearance and structure of teeth with surface imperfections. Call (303) 979-9488 with questions or schedule an appointment. We guarantee all our dental work, regardless of whether porcelain veneers or composite bonding, or another restoration is in your future.