Precision-fit dentures … for the flawless, natural appearance and function of your new teeth

At Sky Dental in Littleton, we are big on denture fit. How dentures are planned and designed makes all of the difference. Consider the complaints associated with conventional dentures. They often revolve around sores or problems chewing or speaking. These issues are rooted in an ill-fitting denture that is loose and slips around. Loose dentures irritate delicate soft tissues. They also interfere with the ability and satisfaction that denture-wearers get from eating and participating in social settings. Our dentists, Drs. Cristiana and Flaviu Oltean recognize the devastating effect that uncomfortable, loose dentures have on individuals’ quality of life. 

Partials or full dentures are treated with the attention to detail they deserve. No stone is left unturned when considering and exploring options for everything from materials for the framework of the denture to the color of the prosthetic teeth and gums. We partner with patients to ensure they are informed of all of their options. We also use biocompatible, strong, and aesthetic materials, knowing that these materials support the lasting beauty, health, and function of our patients’ smiles. This is where boutique dental providers like Sky Dental can really shine! 

After all, planning and placing the denture is just the start of the relationship and partnership with our patients. To assure our patients’ ultimate satisfaction, we work with them on techniques and tricks to adjust more quickly to speaking, cleaning, eating, and to otherwise using their new and fabulous teeth. Such support is vital to make the adjustment period as quick and hassle-free as possible. 

Happy senior man with dentures

A lifetime of comfort, satisfaction 

Drs. Cristiana and Flaviu will also evaluate the condition of the denture and our patients’ mouths on an ongoing basis. Over time, the facial bone can retreat. As the bone and other tissues change with time, dentures will need to be repaired, relined, rebased, or even replaced periodically. Now, we stand by the quality of our naturally attractive and strong dentures. In fact, we guarantee all dental work at Sky Dental. However, services are necessary for the life of the denture. To maintain a proper fit, we adjust the prosthetic to the new contours of the mouth as tissue changes arise over time. 

If this is a considerable concern, modern denture-wearers have many alternatives. Implants can be used to replace just one tooth or all of the teeth in the mouth (as an entire upper and lower denture). Implants function like tooth roots to hold the denture in place. We can also discuss options to potentially retrofit existing dentures with implants. And even patients whose jaws have sustained bone loss can still benefit from this approach to dentures. Bone grafting builds up lost tissue in the jaw. So, the implant has a strong foundation and is best positioned to support the denture or other forms of tooth replacement, such as implant-retained crowns and bridges.

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